The Scholarships, planned activities, source of funds

The Scholarships

Karing has been honoured to sponsor two partial scholarships for participants in the Master of Arts Degree in Buddhist Studies programme at the Buddha Dharma Centre of Hong Kong. Students are required to follow six taught courses comprising two compulsory foundation courses and four elective courses to be selected from those announced for the academic year. They are also required to submit a 5 000-word dissertation on a theme related to one of the courses followed and selected with the guidance and approval of the lecturers concerned. The scholarships are administered by Venerable Prof. KL Dhammajoti and the current value of each scholarship is HK$32,400.



Planned Activities


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  1. Weekly prayer meetings and arranging Buddhist prayer ceremonies and retreats
  2. Launch of website
  3. Hosting of monks and lamas for teaching activities
  4. Application to Inland Revenue for section 88 recognition
  5. Fund raising for the development of Tashi Jong


Source of funds


Over 95% of Karing’s activities are funded through the internal resources of Mrs. Bickley and the balance by particpants to the various ceremonies. As Karing grows, it will concentrate more on fund raising activities from its supporters in support of its objectives.